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Description of Services

The purpose of DES Child Care is to assist eligible families with child care costs, enabling parents to participate in employment and specific education and training activities related to employment, or in certain other circumstances when parents are unable to provide care. Families may choose from a variety of child care providers including Department of Health Services (DHS) licensed child care centers, DHS-certified child care group homes, DES-certified small family child care homes, and in some instances, non-certified relatives. Eligibility requirements vary with each program.

DES Child Care Services may be provided for the following eligible activities or needs:

  1. Participation in DES Jobs Program.
  2. Employment.
  3. Eligible education and training activities related to employment when working a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  4. High school, GED or remedial education classes for teen parents.
  5. Unable or unavailable to provide care for children due to a physical, mental, or emotional condition, participation in a drug treatment or rehabilitation program, or a court order community service program.
  6. Residency in a homeless or domestic violence shelter.
  7. Other needs as determined by The Department of Child Safety (DCS).

Child care is provided for a portion of a 24-hour day when neither parent is available to provide care due to participation in eligible activities or needs listed above.

Eligibility requirements vary with each program. Some programs have income eligibility requirements based on family size and gross income, and may require that family to pay a portion of the child care costs.

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Due to limited funding, a statewide waiting list may be implemented to identify families waiting to receive child care services. Although you may be determined eligible, you may have to wait to receive services.

DES Child Care also certifies and contracts with small family child care homes, contracts with Department of Health Services (DHS) licensed child care centers and group homes and non-certified relative providers to provide child care services for eligible families.

DES Child Care also provides funding to increase the availability and improve the quality of child care services and provides leadership for statewide coordination and collaboration of various child care and early childhood development initiatives and programs.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for helpful tips and information.

Child Care Resource and Referral Service

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